The Spot pots are available in four sizes:
Small Spot: height 10 cm, diameter 11,5 cm – Price: DKK 395,-
Medium Spot: height 13 cm, diameter 13,5 cm – Price: DKK 525,-
Large Spot: height 18 cm, diameter 19 cm – Price: DKK 825,-
XL Spot: height 21 cm, diameter 22 cm – Price: DKK 1.300,-

The Spot pot is perfect as a flowerpot holder for al kinds of flowers and herbs. The Spot pot is also fine for bouquets and cut flowers.

Produced in white stoneware and fired at 1260 degrees Celsius.

2 thoughts on “Spot

  1. We were in Copenhagen about a 10 days ago and happened to see your shop with your wonderful work on display. Unfortunately, I think you were also on holiday while we were there so we could not come inside. I would like to buy a piece – would it be possible to purchase a piece and ship it to the US?

    1. Dear Scott

      Thank you for your request. Yes, it will be possibe to ship a piece of ceramics to the US. Please mail me what you want to buy and I will come back with a prize including shipment.

      If you need help to choose a color, I can mail you different photos.

      Best regards

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