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Hanne Bertelsen’s continuous interest in ceramics started as a young girl of only 12, and it was followed up with a degree from the Danish Design School (Danish Academy of fine Arts) in the 1990’ies. Shortly after she opened her own workshop and showroom in the old part of Copenhagen close to the Rosenborg Castle Gardens, and this is where we now find her on most days.

Talking of inspiration, Hanne says: “To me the fascination of ceramics lies in the material itself. It is about all that is possible with clay, sand and glazing once it has been worked through in my head, with my fingers and finally the best and the worst; the firing in the kiln.”

Hanne’s work include a wide range of ceramics, from large unique sculptural stoneware vases to functional pieces of porcelain tableware, and her view is that one is not above the other, in the everyday life both style idioms may be equally important. A piece of ceramic must “be itself” and a small visible imperfection is only right, a colour drop out of place or slight wryness will be welcomed.

This vision of character goes well with her style of decoration. Surface patterns of sea-anemones or flowers, sometimes halfway or fully perforated charms with their abstract naturalness. Despite their hard porcelain surfaces and distinct shapes her work features softness and delicacy.

Over the years, Hanne Bertelsen has exhibited her work in UK, Germany as well as in Baltic and Scandinavian countries. She lives with her family at Østerbro, eastern part of Copenhagen, no further than a bike ride from the workshop.

You can find Hanne’s ceramics in these shops / galleries :

Louisiana Design Shop, Humlebæk
Hotel The Monica, Ærø
Heim, Jægersborg Allé
Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen
Dina Vejling, Odense
Clay (Grimmerhus), Middelfart
Designer ZOO København, Vesterbrogade 137
Krane Galleri, Tromsø, Norway

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  1. Hi Hanne,

    Just wondering if your shop is open tomorrow – Tuesday 30th July.

    Fingers crossed!
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Hanne, I will be in Copenhagen July 26-August 10 and am wondering if you ever do workshops or studio tours? I have visited your shop last year and LOVE your work. I’d love to learn more about your process and see your studio if that is something you do?

    1. Hi Lotty

      Yes, I ship to the UK. And I am good at packing so the things will reach you in a good condition.

      Just tell me what you want to buy and I’ll mail you a price.

      Best regards.

  3. Bonjour Messieurs,

    Nous sommes une société spécialisée dans la fabrication des crèmes glacées ZAHIGLACE et nous sommes intéressés par les coupes en céramique comme votre référence en turquoise 25 et violet 26.

    Veuillez nous communiquer la disponibilité et votre meilleure offre de prix pour un conteneur de 20 pieds.

    Dans l’attente de votre retour.


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