The Groove pots are available in six sizes:
Mini Groove: height 10 cm, diameter 11 cm – Price: DKK 350,-
Small Groove: height 13,5 cm, diameter 15 cm – Price: DKK 550,-
Medium Groove: height 16 cm, diameter 17 cm – Price: DKK 675,-
Large Groove: height 21 cm, diameter 24 cm – Price: DKK 1.300,-
Extra large Groove: height 24 cm, diameter 27 cm – Price: DKK 2.300,-
Mega Groove: height 31 cm, diameter 34 cm – Price: DKK 3.800,-

The Groove pot is perfect as a flowerpot holder, as it fits all common sizes of clay- and plastic pots.

The Groove pot is made so the inserted pot will hang slightly above the bottom of the Groove pot which ensures that the flower will not soak in water. In addition, the grooves ensure a good air circulation.

The Groove pot is also fine for bouquets and cut flowers.

The Groove vase is available in one size:
height 23 cm, diameter 11,5 cm – Price: DKK 875,-

The Groove vase is perfect for tulips, daffodils, spring branches, et cetera…
The Groove vase is slanting outwards at the top, so the flower bouquet will spread out beautifully instead of being squeezed.

The Groove pot and vase are produced in white stoneware and fired at 1260 degrees Celsius.

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